Scholarships for African American Women

Finding the right scholarship can increase your chances of being awarded one. Take advantage of your talents and skills in getting a scholarship. In the school year 2005-2006, 58% of those who earned a Bachelor’s degree were women. Here’s a short list of scholarships for black women. Pay special attention to the last one listed!

National Association of Black Journalists Scholarship Programs (

The NABJ awards deserving students with scholarship funding amounting to $5,000 for each one every year. It is limited only to those pursuing any Journalism related course but is open to both foreign and American students so long as they are attending an accredited university or college and is a member of NABJ. There are twelve requirements stated on the official website among of which are essay, work samples, three references and must meet their minimum GPA. Deadline for each year varies and this year’s was March 22nd.

Ohio Newspapers Foundation Minority Scholarship (

The Ohio Newspapers Foundation Minority Scholarship is limited only to existing or upcoming students of any Ohio university or college majoring in Journalism. Applicants should exhibit financial need through the two letters of recommendation made by members of the student’s high school faculty. Another requirement is an autobiography that will showcase the individual’s writing skills as well as a GPA of no less than 2.5. This scholarship is not only for African American descents but other minorities as well such as Asians, Hispanic and American Indian.

Vanguard Minority Scholarship Program (

For students who wish to pursue a diploma in economics, information technology, liberal arts, finance, accounting or economics, the Vanguard Minority Scholarship Program awards up to $10,000 worth of scholarship to members of a racial minority. Because this program is for incoming senior college students, the deadline is around November and exact date varies every year. There is also a minimum required grade point average of 3.0 and is open to all minorities who are legal resident of the United States. The funding money is to be sent directly to the awardee and can be used to pay for books, school supplies, tuition and other school fees.

Hallie Q. Brown Scholarship (

March 31st of this year was the deadline for the submission of the applications for the Hallie Q. Brown Scholarship. It does not require the students to get straight As like most scholarship programs do, all it asks is a minimum C average. It gives opportunities for education to those who possess financial assistance as proven in the required submission of family income, number of individuals in the household and sources of income. There should also be a recommendation by a Clubswoman as well as that person’s clubs and the respective club’s region. Award amount varies on the awarded’s financial needs.


Last on the list of the scholarships for African American women is ScholarshipZone whose deadline is the looming July 15th. Unlike all the previous mentioned scholarship programs, ScholarshipZone does not have requirements and strict rules on eligibility. It doesn’t even have the rigorous screening like the others. Anyone above the age of 18 can apply and there aren’t minimum GPAs required. Awardees aren’t limited to studying a certain college and can use the funds to pay for any educational opportunity and even to pay off previous school loans. To qualify, all it takes is two minutes of your time to fill out the application form online. Next that you should do is check to see if you are the lucky winner of the $10,000 scholarship money on the July 15th draw.

You can also turn to minority organizations for help. Finding and winning a scholarship is not easy but it is worth it in the end.