Scholarships for Women in Business

For women who are employees in the business industry or who are entrepreneurs themselves, an MBA can propel you forward in your career as it teaches you to think a like business person, it gives you more credibility among your colleagues and it will sharpen your business skills.  In 2012, 1/3 of MBA candidates are women. Listed below are a few of the best scholarship programs aiming to boost that ratio for years to come.

The Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship ( awards money in the range of $1,000 to $7,000 to women who show potential to excel in the field. This scholarship program is through the Zonta Organization and deadline and other details depend on the local Zonta Club that you are applying to. Because this organization is not only limited to the U.S it also grants scholarships for women in business internationally. “It was a big honor for me to receive the international Jane M. Klausman Scholarship. It was great to see how big the Zonta network is and what Zonta does for women in the world” said Carolin Franz, a JMK Scholarship Recipient in Germany.

The students’ of the HHL MBA Program are the only ones eligible for the HHL Scholarship for Women in Business ( Further compulsory requirements are a GMAT score of no less than 650, already enrolled to the school’s MBA program and have completed the scholarship’s essay and questionnaire. Half of the scholarship money is given at the beginning of the school year and the remaining amount is to be given only if the student maintains an average of 1.6 in her grades. The deadline for the application for this year’s program was last April 1st, 2013.

C200 ( is another organization that supports women scholars in business with the purpose to “foster, celebrate and advance women’s leadership in business.” Its selection of awardees are based on GPA, essays, recommendations and work experience but the toughest qualification is that you have to be already be enrolled in business school to be eligible because they only choose first year students.

The Asian Women In Business Scholarship ( supports Asian women who possess excellent leadership, entrepreneurship, business and scholarship skills. Therefore the applicant must have at least 3.0 GPA, recorded entrepreneurial achievement or have executed leadership role in some community endeavor, a professional recommendation and must be enrolled at an accredited undergraduate institution. The initial scholarship fund is $2,500 and another $2,500 is awarded to those who have a FAFSA form completed. For this year, the deadline is August 1, 2013.

ScholarshipZone is a scholarship program that is unlike all the others. It does not require you to shell out money before being eligible nor does it ask for a minimum GPA and all the other tough requirements. All you have to do is sign up their application form in order to get an entry. They award a total of $10,000 to one lucky student every single month. In fact, the next draw will be on July 15th and is also the deadline for this months’. The scholarship fund is among the largest funds awarded and you know, business school is not cheap at all. It is not the kind where only a limited number of students are eligible because it does not require much, if at all. Whatever course or college you get into as long as it is educational related, ScholarshipZone will award you with the funding if you win.

Business school costs a lot that’s why there are these scholarships for women that will help you financially. It gives women the opportunity to compete with men in the male dominated business industry.