Graduate School Scholarships for Women

There is an increasing need for a graduate school degree as the competition in the workplace has become cutthroat. You need it for a better employment opportunity, a better advancement in your career and a bigger financial reward. If you cannot afford to send yourself to grad school and take care of your family at the same time, look for scholarship opportunities to aid you financially. 60.4% of all graduate school degrees were awarded to women in 2009.

For graduate school scholarships for women, let’s start with one that isn’t just for women and isn’t just for graduate school but one that you might be interested in applying for since it requires no grueling essays and other laborious requirements. All you need to be eligible in ScholarshipZone is an application form that can be filled out in two minutes and nothing more. There aren’t any strings attached either because you are not required to go to a specific college or work in a certain field. You can spend the sufficient $10,000 as you wish as long as it is educational related. Interested?  The next draw date and deadline is the upcoming July 15th.

The Martha Gavrila Scholarship for Women ( is awarded to members of the Romanian Orthodox church who are going to attend a post graduate course of their own choosing. You must be “a voting member of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America” in order to qualify and have attended an accredited college or university for the undergraduate diploma. What makes this scholarship even more rigorous is that part of the application requirements are a recommendation letter each from a parish priest and two references that are not directly related to the applicant.  The awardees are entitled to $1,000 each year and the deadline is on May 15th although it may vary for each year.

The Snow Scholar Graduate School Scholarship ( is considered very exclusive in the sense that part of its eligibility is that the individual must have previously received a George Snow Scholarship and are students of a list of schools including Blanche Ely and Pompano Beach High Schools in northern Broward County and Palm Beach County High Schools. It ranges from a full scholarship for one year up to four years and amounts range from $500 to $1,500. Part of the requirements for application is an essay and a letter of recommendation. This year’s deadline was March 15th so the next application you can submit to is for next school year’s.

GMS, short for Gates Millennium Scholars ( awards both undergraduate and post graduate scholarships. It chooses students that excel not only in the academic aspect but in extracurricular activities as well since only those with a 3.3 GPA or higher, those who have showed leadership skills through community service and other activities and have reached the criteria of the Federal Pell Grant may apply. While only the best of the best are eligible in this scholarship program, those chosen few receive not a fixed amount of funding but are taken care of all throughout their school year up until graduation.

For individuals who are in their final year of a healthcare management graduate program but are in financial need, there’s the Foster G. McGaw Graduate Student Scholarship ( that gives out a maximum of $5,000 worth of scholarship money. The requirements are: three letters of recommendation, curriculum vitae, transcripts of undergraduate or graduate course and the dreaded essay. This year’s deadline has been past due, being March 31st, 2013 but next year’s application process will start around January.

Graduate school should help propel yourself in your career so the costs should not hinder you since it can give you a better future. Above all, graduate school can help you grow as a person since it will broaden your knowledge and feed your mind.