How To Choose In-Demand Careers

Choosing an in-demand career means more job opportunities and not spending months of tirelessly sending out application letters and resumes to no avail. It seems that every few years or so, there are a parade of in-demand jobs touted by the media. What if by the time you graduate you career is no longer in-demand? Here are careers that will still be in-demand in the years to come.

Medical field

Assistants in the medical field include medical/physician’s assistant, dental assistants and healthcare assistants. All three are in-demand and are foreseen to continue to be until the year 2020 thanks to the baby boomers who are anticipated to require preventive medical needs. Not only that but by common sense alone we can say that with the increasing number of our population, more and more people will be attended to in such necessity. The U.S. Department of Labor says that between the years 2013-2020 there will be 91,600 dental assistant positions to be filled and 162,900 in the medical assistant position.

Medical assistants, also known as physician’s assistants assist no other than physicians or doctors. You are responsible for carrying out clinical and administrative responsibilities making you a vital part in a clinic or hospital. The duties include keeping track of the patients’ records, obtaining vital signs, scheduling appointments and so on.

The good thing about these jobs is that there are no specific requirements in order to qualify for one. Depending on the employer, some only require that you have attended a medical related course be it for two years or the full four years course.

Human Resource

The in-demand jobs in this field are the human resource specialists and the training development manager. The human resource department is found in all other fields of industry from business to medical making it crucial in handling the core of every company and that is the employees. You will be responsible for leading employees, conducting workshops and fulfilling the employer’s hiring needs to name a few. The U.S Department of Labor foresees this field to increase by 55% from now until the year 2020 due to companies’ awareness of “finding and keeping quality employees”.

To qualify for this job, a four year human resource or related degree is required.

Computer Science

Careers in computer have been steadily rising and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. More and more computer technicians and developers are needed. A four year course related to computer science is needed in order to get into this industry. The computer science field is expected to grow by 24% by the year 2018 according to the U.S Department of Labor.

These are only a few of the available jobs that have a promising future for those who are on their way to college. Above all, choose what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. Sure, these are the in-demand jobs but be sure to only get into one that you find interesting and would love to work in.