How To Win College Scholarships for Women

Scholarships aren’t easy to land. Not only are there a lot of painstaking requirements but the competition is fierce. If this is your first time applying for college scholarships for women, you may be clueless as to what you need to do. here, you’ll find out how to choose a scholarship and best improve your chances of being awarded scholarship money. So how do you shine brighter than them? How do you impress the sponsor while not overselling yourself?

Choosing the best for you

Looking for the right scholarship program for you is just the beginning but a very tedious task to start with. There are a number of college scholarships for women available and narrowing you search can be confusing. What if you apply to the wrong one and miss the chance of getting the perfect program?
The first thing that you should do is assess your needs. List down your priorities on a piece of paper and match them to scholarship programs that are available to you. This way you can see which ones are best suited. Remember that you are not limited to applying to only a number of scholarships so apply to each one that you are qualified for and is suited to your needs to increase your chances of landing one. Just make sure that you can handle the number of applications.

Ask teachers/ scholars

What better way to know about the scholarship that you are applying for than to ask those who are already in it? Look for students who are in the program that you are considering and ask about the program itself. Don’t forget to ask for some tips too. Knowing even just the basics about the program will give you an edge over the other applicants.
You can also ask your teachers to help you out in the application process as well as proofreading the materials you are going to submit. Don’t forget your guidance counselor. Ask these mentors to proofread your application form and essay or teach you some tips.

Beyond requirements and academics

Once you have chosen the scholarship programs that you wish to apply to, it is now time to get to know each one of them. This is a crucial step in winning. Be what they would want their scholars to be while still staying true to yourself. Put your best foot forward but never ever misrepresent yourself.
Most scholarships look beyond academics. After all, no one wants a bookworm who doesn’t do much for the community. In fact, some funds put just as much importance to extra-curricular activities as they do the SAT scores and the GPA. They want a scholar who not only excels in the classroom but is well-balanced too.

Essay writing is not your forte?

It is a given fact that not all of us can write well. It is a given fact too that essay is major qualification in scholarships. It is your chance to appeal to the sponsor and represent yourself. If you find it easier to talk than to write, why not record yourself? Then you can write down what you just recorded and proofread at the same time.
In writing that essay, be as specific as you could. Remember that volunteer program that you joined? Retell the experience instead of saying that you simply joined one. Most importantly, let your personality shine through. Grab that opportunity to show the sponsor who you truly are. Sell yourself through your accomplishments.

Your online presence

What’s your e-mail address? If it’s something like, you wouldn’t dare use that on your application form. Create an address that is professional by using your name and last name.
Try looking yourself up in search engines. It’s not unusual for sponsors to do the same and you wouldn’t want them to find a picture of you that is undesirable.

110% sure

Before you submit anything, double check them. You can’t risk submitting an essay with a typo or a wrong grammar. Ask someone else to check it for you so everything is perfect. That way you have a third party that can give you an honest feedback.

Don’t miss the deadline/Organize

Because you are applying for more than one scholarship grant, it can be overwhelming. You have a lot of requirements to fulfill for each program and you just might miss a deadline. Organize yourself, your schedule and the deadlines. It is best to create a planner even if it’s just for this purpose alone. The organization skills will come in handy when you are already in the program. Write down the things that you have to do for each day and note down when the deadline is.

So there you have the basics on scholarships. Did you know 57.2% of the Bachelor’s Degrees earned in 2009 were given to women? Remember that each scholarship have different requirements and deadlines so watch out for those so you don’t miss any chance.