Things You Need When You Apply for Scholarships

Are you looking into applying for a scholarship program to help you with your college financial responsibilities? Some say that the requirements are tedious but as long as you have them ready, you won’t dread the deadlines. Listed below are the common requirements in scholarships:

The application form. Application forms can be obtained through the school’s website, from the school itself or from your guidance counselor who will have application forms of many other scholarships. In it, you will have to thoroughly complete the required fields such as personal information, school history and background. Each scholarship will have different forms so pay attention when filling it out and make sure that you follow the instructions carefully.

Essay. Some people dread the essay as it constitutes a big part on whether you will be accepted or not. It is in this section where you can express yourself and impress the panel. Share your opinions and sell yourself by showcasing your strengths. No matter how painstaking this is, take this opportunity to stand out from the other applicants as you may not get that chance again. One tip, give specific examples rather than general information. Essays range from a minimum of 500 words to two pages.

Transcript. This part is one where you don’t have any control over since it is a documentation of your school performance and there is nothing you can do to improve it once the school year is over. Some scholarships require a minimum GPA and this is the evidence that you have made the cut. For others that don’t have a minimum grade requirement, they may still ask for it as they can use it to check how you are doing in school based on attendance, grades and extra-curricular activities.

Recommendation letter. Some scholarships require just one recommendation letter yet some require as many as three. It is their way of getting external perspectives regarding you. So, it should be from a former teacher, colleague or other school staff that you have worked with rather than a family member or close friend. This makes it more credible and more objective.

FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  FAFSAs are filled out every after January 1st and submitted on various deadline dates depending on your state. Not all scholarships require this but this is very common among need-based scholarships because this will show your financial situation and needs. It is best to fill out this application form at the beginning of the year you intend to go to college.

Have these requirements ready even before you start applying for the scholarships. Having them on hand can help you concentrate on other important things because you don’t have to spend time completing them.